Sunday, February 2, 2020

Evolution of E-Commerce to M-Commerce Dissertation

Evolution of E-Commerce to M-Commerce - Dissertation Example It is also surprising that the pattern of m-commerce is not diverting the focus of sales away from e-commerce; it is adding more value to its operations. Studies reveal that about 90 percent of clients use their smart devices in order to make inquiries about products, their features and their prices (Lee, 2013:19). The on-the-go convenience and ease allows consumers to compare and contrast various products as easily as they would do it in a physical store that they walk into any time they want to. Further, besides pre-shopping activities, consumers make use of smart devices while shopping in outlets. The fact is that m-commerce is improving the general in-store experience and enabling companies to connect with their clients more closely. Businesses can develop more intimate connections with their customers when it comes to understanding them and meeting their needs. This, in turn, drives and will continue driving sales in the foreseeable future. Considering these facts, the biggest q uestion arising is now whether businesses are paying enough attention to their mobile platforms or not. Based on a study of a number of small enterprises in the United States, the findings show that 60 percent of them lack a plan to replicate their businesses online. In addition, commercialisation does not form part of their strategy because they feel that their companies and resources are not enough to support such expansion. The crux of this analysis is that no matter the size of a business, m-commerce is slowly replacing e-commerce.

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